Our guest speaker Dr Justine Braby presented on the importance of valuing and conserving our natural resources on which we depend on for our well-being. The presentation focused on the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity country studies done internationally and gave examples on how it can influence policy and decision making for sustainable and economic growth. The recommendations based on the lessons learned from other countries, which was Capacity development to integrate Sustainable Development Goals into all field of study at universities and; the timing of economic studies to allow the results to be mainstreamed into policy documents and National Development Plans.

A member of the Environmental Economics Network of Namibia (EENN) engaging in the talk.

Her presentation can found here.

A TEEB country study identifies the ecosystem services that are vital to meeting the country’s policy priorities and makes recommendations on how these services can be integrated into policies. Visit the TEEB website to learn more about this concept at here

More of Dr Braby’s work is available on the Progress Namibia website.

On behalf of the organisers, a big thank you to everyone that attended and actively engaged in the event at NUST Hotel School on the 11th May 2017.

And remember, “We can’t build an economy on a degraded environment”.