TEEB Vol1: Value of Ecosystem Services

TEEB Vol 2: State protected area financing

TEEB Vol 3: Payments for Ecosystem Services

TEEB Vol4: Incentives for conservation on freehold land

Landscape screening

DRAFT Resource Mobilization Strategy

Developing a Biodiversity Economy Landscape in Namibia

Potential Biodiversity Economy Landscapes - Mr Martin Mendelsohn

Hon. Bernadette Jagger Keynote Speech

The Value of Nature

Hon. Pohamba Shifeta Welcoming Remarks- Biodiversity Economy Briefing

Dr. Christiana Pasca Palmer Keynote Address - Biodiversity Economy Briefing Session

High-Level Briefing Session on Biodiversity Finance

TEEB Training slides day 1

TEEB Training slides day 2

TEEB Training slides day 3

TEEB Training Manual

Baseline Assessment of Economic Instruments for Biodiversity Conservation in Namibia

Baseline for Biodiversity Expenditure in Namibia

Inventory of Ecosystem Services In Namibia

Feasibility of Natural Capital Accounts in Namibia and fast-track compilation of water accounts

Presidential Harambe Prosperity Plan 1.41MB

National Development Plan 5 6MB

National Development Plan 4 6MB

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 15MB